The Whale Rider

Eight-year-old Kahu craves her great-grandfather’s love and attention.

Buy a Bullet: An Orphan X Story

The Nowhere Man is a figure shrouded in secrecy — a near legendary figure who helps those lucky few who are given the means to reach out to him.

The Thrill of Falling: Stories

A stunning collection of stories from one of New Zealand’s favourite authors.

The Bands of Mourning

The #1 New York Times bestselling author returns to the world of Mistborn with the follow-up to *Shadows of Self*

Azaleas Don't Bloom Here: A Dystopian Novel

In a dark and dying world, Eugene Sulke stands on the cusp of his lifelong dream: a promotion, money, and a home in the affluent section of Old Chicago, called the Fort

Die Korrekturen